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Waste Segregation

One of the most important steps in waste management and environmental preservation is waste segregation. It makes waste disposal easy and convenient. It also encourages waste recycling, which contributes immensely to the safety of the environment. The lack of waste segregation hinders the entire process of waste disposal and recycling which is evident in clogged landfills, blocked drains, and environmental pollution of many kinds.

Waste in general can be broadly divided into organic and inorganic matter. The processes of disposing these waste categories are different. Waste segregation can be easily achieved with the placement of different coloured bins in strategic places. These different coloured binsare labeled to collect different types of waste. It can be done as follows: Greenfor Glass, Yellow for Plastic, Blue for Paper, Red for Metal.

GLOBETECH REMEDIAL NIGERIA LIMITED has been encouraging people in areas of waste segregation to make waste disposal easy, thereby boosting recycling and other eco-friendly initiatives to create a Nigeria of dirt-free streets, unclogged drains and fresh air.

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