Globetech Remedial LTD is Nigeria’s leading waste and resource Management Company

At Globetech Remedial Nigeria Limited, we are a leading waste and resource management company dedicated to building sustainable and healthy societies.

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13B, Ikorodu Road, Maryland, Lagos Nigeria

About Us

Who We Are

Globetech Remedial Nigeria Limited is a leading waste and resource management company. We maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect through positive relationships with clients and stakeholders. Our proven track record speaks for itself, providing services that consistently exceed the expectations of government institutions, industries, commercial clients, and individuals. Our commitment to global best practices in service offerings allows us to contribute to the creation and establishment of prosperous and healthy societies.

Our Strengths

Our key strengths include:

  • Workforce: A skilled and experienced team dedicated to delivering quality waste management and environmental services.
  • Experience: Years of expertise to streamline operations and enhance performance.
  • Equipment: Investment in cutting-edge machinery for efficient waste transportation and collection.
  • Partnerships: Collaboration with industry partners to provide innovative solutions.

Our Mission

To provide global best practice in integrated waste management services to the public and private enterprises

Our Vision

To be the most efficient solid waste management company in Africa

Our Pledge

Our customers are our partners: We will build a "one team" eco-friendly culture that values people, integrity and performance

Our Philosophy

At GLOBETECH REMEDIAL, we understand that executives often lack the time and expertise to thoroughly analyze waste processes for efficiency and cost reduction. We take pride in being skilled profitability consultants in waste management and service delivery. Our personalized attention to clients’ needs, combined with established expertise in the field, sets us apart. We work on two levels:

  1. Streamlining Operations: Providing expertise to enhance ongoing performance.
  2. Identifying Cost Savings: Uncovering opportunities for cost reduction in waste management, treatment, and environmental services.

With experienced field supervision, a skilled labor force, and a commitment to recycling professionalism, we deliver quality waste management and environmental service projects to government, industrial, and commercial clients through our well-coordinated professional team.

Unbiased Work Ethics

Our core values include:

  • Teamwork: Creating an enabling environment of mutual respect and cooperation to achieve organizational goals.
  • Excellence: Commitment to delivering the highest standards and innovative solutions.
  • Customer Focus: Tailoring products and services to meet customer needs and aspirations.
  • Shared Culture: Focusing on remediation, safety, high performance, and productivity.

We take pride in our technical expertise, innovation, and flexibility to solve waste and environmental-related challenges. We value our clients and create opportunities for revenue generation and positive change.

Our Team

With our team of experts and dedicated members, we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service

Ola Oresanya
Tolu Cole
Bisi Banjo
David Chucks
Head of Operations
Halima Yinu
Ben Oke