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Demonstration Of Vac-Con Machine At Toll-Gate, Lagos State

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  • Demonstration Of Vac-Con Machine At Toll-Gate, Lagos State

What Vac-Con’s All-In-One Solution Offers

  • Unique 2-Engine Design: Vac-Con’s innovative design utilizes two engines. The chassis engine powers the vacuum system, delivering exceptional power where you need it most. Simultaneously, the auxiliary engine supports the water system, ensuring continuous water recirculation, even when the unit is in motion or at rest. This design offers truly independent operation of both the vacuum and water systems for your convenience.

  • Simple Control Panel: Vac-Con’s control panel is user-friendly and straightforward, making operation easy and efficient. The standard control panel eliminates the need for dual controls, streamlining your machine’s operation.

Standard Package Features:

Our Combination Sewer Cleaning Machine “Standard” package comes fully equipped with the following features:

  • Front-Mounted Hose Reel: The hydraulically operated, front-mounted hose reel allows easy access and control of the hose during operation.

  • Independent Water System: An auxiliary engine is included for independent water system operation, ensuring constant water recirculation.

Vacuum System Features:

Our vacuum system is equipped with the following features:

  • 12 Cubic Yard Capacity Debris Tank: Constructed with 3/16″ Cor-Ten steel for durability.

  • Full-Opening Rear Door: Provides easy access for debris removal.

  • Hydraulic Rear Door Locks: Equipped with a door grabber and safety latch for secure operation.

  • 5″ Butterfly Valve: Includes a 10′ lay-flat hose for efficient debris disposal.

  • Hydraulic Scissor Lift: Facilitates debris tank dumping with power-up and power-down capabilities.

  • Polyethylene Water Tanks: Durable water tanks for efficient water supply.

  • Automatic Vacuum Breaker: Ensures safe operation with overfill protection.

  • 8″ Vacuum Intake Hose: Provides a powerful vacuum intake.

  • Hydraulic Boom: Features a 4-way hydraulic boom with 270-degree rotation and joystick controls.

  • Front-Mounted Hose Reel: Offers a 600′ capacity for easy hose management.

  • Triplex Water Pump System: Powered by an auxiliary diesel engine for reliable water pressure.

  • High-Pressure Jet Rodder Hose: Includes a 400′ high-pressure jet rodder hose for effective cleaning.

  • Hose Management: Features manual hose rewind and a hose guide (Tiger Tail).

  • Wash Down System: Equipped with a 20 gm/600 psi wash down system hand gun, including 25′ of hose and a nozzle.

  • Tool Boxes: Secure and lockable tool boxes for equipment storage.

  • Nozzles: Includes one each of sanitary and penetrator nozzles.

  • Aluminum Intake Pipe: Features a 20.5′ aluminum intake pipe with various nozzle options.

  • Lighting: Complies with ICC lighting standards for safety.

  • Durable Finish: Coated with DuPont Imron 5000 polyurethane paint for longevity.

  • Warranty: Covered by a 12-month standard warranty.

  • Vacuum Drive Options: Standard Split Shaft PTO drive with an optional Hydrostatic drive available.

Vac-Con’s all-in-one solution offers a comprehensive and efficient package for your sewer cleaning needs. Experience the power of our unique 2-engine design and fully loaded features for enhanced productivity.

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