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Waste Segregation

One of the most important steps in waste management and environmental preservation is waste segregation. It makes waste disposal easy and convenient. It also encourages waste recycling, which contributes immensely to the safety of the environment. The lack of waste segregation hinders the entire process of

Benefits Of Keeping Your Environment Clean

PROMOTES SAFETY:Keeping your environment clean will improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood and reduce the risks of accidents. Clearing the streets of debris will minimize slip and fall accidents as well as protect people from dangerous garbage like rusty nails and broken glasses. IMPROVES HEALTH AND

Simple Ways to Keep Our Environment Clean

DON’T LITTER: Avoid littering the environment by throwing wastes indiscriminately on the road. Practice using dustbins, it will help in keeping the environment clean. Bysodoing, theenvironment will be cleanand hygienic making it a healthy place to live in DON’T DISPOSE GARBAGE IN OPEN AREAS: Use dustbin